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Read about our travel journey through China

China: country of the past and country of the future. The team members of are passionate about China. The members have all different backgrounds and have all different reasons why they have fallen in love with China. Some of them were born and raised in China, others just become fascinated by China and her rich history and culture. After travelling time after time in China, they felt like sharing their passion and their travel experience.

At you can find their experiences traveling around in China, from Beijing in the east, Tibet in the West, Harbin in the far North and Guangzhou in the South. All destinations have been visited by member of team of

At you can find the ten most charming hotels of interesting cities in China. The team members of prefer to stay in small and charming hotels instead of the large, impersonal well-known hotel chains. The small and charming hotels have in general a more warm feeling and atmosphere. You will feel at home easily this will add to a pleasant and relax holiday or business trip. Most of the hotels described at have been visited by members of the team of, their friends or their families.

The team of have started with describing thirteen of their favorite cities this number will grow step by step till all interesting cities have been covered.
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